Thanks for a great year!

Hi Parents,

I want to thank you for your part in the wonderful school year that we’ve just completed. The students you sent to CVMS were fun, engaging, bright, and motivated. I enjoyed seeing them everyday and I will miss them, but mostly I feel privileged to have had an opportunity to teach them science and be a part of their lives. I look forward to seeing them in the halls this fall as freshmen! Have a great summer!

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Weather webquest

Students completed a webquest on weather. The website links can be found in the document. If you were absent today, please see:
Weather WebQuest

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Rock Detectives/Test on May 10th

Students took their science MAP tests Tuesday and now we’re back to studying fossils and earth history. The fossil quiz retakes are completed and grades are updated, students finished up “Classifying Fossils” from Monday, and completed Rock Detectives (using clues from fossils and stratigraphy to answer questions about rock layers).

Just a heads up… we will be finishing up this unit next week and taking our test on Friday, May 10. This will be the last test in science class until the final exam the last week of May.

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We began putting some information in our journals on stratigraphy. We set up a graphic organizer and added information on the first two principles in the PowerPoint below: Law of Original Horizontality and Law of Superposition. We’ll add more of the PowerPoint a few slides at a time over the next few days.

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Quiz on block day this week

Students will be taking a quiz tomorrow (1st and 5th periods) or Thursday (2nd, 4th, and 6th periods) on fossil vocabulary and the steps involved in mold/cast fossil formation. Students need to be familiar with the different types of fossil preservation and they also need to be able to, given the steps of fossil cast formation, sequence those steps. Today in class we reviewed by completing and discussing the flow map homework from Monday night.

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Fossil Lab and Flow Map

Now that our week of CRT testing and wacky bell schedules has come to an end, we are getting back to work! We are viewing student PowerPoints/videos created for the plate tectonics project (the deadline for these was last Friday, April 19, and they were assigned over four weeks ago). We are also finishing up a fossil lab that we worked on last week as time allowed.

Students have homework tonight that is due tomorrow. They are creating a flow map to show the steps involved in the creation of a mold and cast fossil. See: Fossil mold & cast flow map

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Getting into the Fossil Record webquest

Students used the geologic time scale app on the iPods to add information to the geologic time scale handout they received in class. Here’s a copy of the handout: Geologic time scale2 that matches app
Here’s a link to the free app you can download on your own iPod or iPhone:

We also began working on a fossil webquest:
Getting into the fossil record scavenger hunt
You can answer the questions on the webquest by going to the University of California Museum of Paleontology website:

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